Can't reference my Firstperson Carracter blueprint

I’m kind of new to Unreal and i just started to make my first game, but i have a small problem which makes it really difficult to do anything that is not in the first level. the thing is that i can’t reference my player character in any new level i make, cause you spawn in the new level from a player start. this means that my player character won’t actually be in the level until i hit play. placing the player character in the world does not do the thing for me.

is there a way to fix this?
is it possible to let the player spawn as/inn the player character in stead of the player start?

I´m not sure if I understood your question. But you can delete the player start from your level, and just drag your player character to all your levels, like you do to any actor. it will work aswell.

Please reply if I misunderstood you.

thank you for your reply. i think you understood, but when i delete my player start ,drag my player character in to the level and hit play, i still don’t spawn in the player character that i dragged in. it’s true that i can now reference my player character in my level blueprint. but when i reference a variable that i made in the player character blueprint it will somehow not send/change the information when this should happen.

ok, you are trying to reference the character as an actor in the level, right?

It is not correct, you need to cast to your character to get its variables and etc.

Show me your BP from where you are trying to get reference to you character and tell why you need that, so it wil be easier for me to help you.

PS: unchange what I said before, that is not the problem.

ok, this bp in the picture, is inside the player character event graph?

i have already solved the original problem. but i think that i am going to run in to this again in the future so it would be good to now what i did wrong. I’ve tried to recreate what i did, it is not exactly the same but it should cover the problem.

this is without the player character in the level.

No, it’s in the level blueprint, because i can’t reference the AI Friend in the player character bp (as far as i now)

yes, you can, but here the target has nothing, the error in the image says that you have no actor target there, you need to cast to your player to make the ai moves to it. or change the goal location to another thing, like a target point.

If you want the AI to ove to your player´s location, uses the nodes: “GetAllActorsOfClass”, select your player character, then drag fro it the “Get” node, it will make the reference for you

sorry for not responding quickly, i was away for a few days. the thing is that i am getting the hit location of where my player is aiming at that moment from the player character blueprint (that is the ‘Hit Location’ variable in screenshot above). this is a problem because i can not reference my third person character as i sad earlier.