Can't reference an actor from an Always Loaded sub level.

I have a persistent level called Test, and another level called Menus. I added Menus to Test and changed the streaming method to Always Loaded. In test there is an Actor who needs a reference to an Actor that is in Menus. I am unable to assign the reference even though the correct actor shows up in the content browser. Is this a bug, working as intended, or have I missed a setting? I am using 4.22.3.

You can use ‘Get All Actors of Class’ or ‘Get All Actors of Class with Tag’ nodes, then use the Get node into the Array to pull the first entry, which is the default ‘0’ value. cast to the actor class and create a variable, which then can be assigned in your Player_BP directly (not via selection tool, this only works for actors existing in same level).

What about World Settings->World->Enable World Composition (both levels have to be in the same directory - see tooltip of the option)? Have not used it for some time, but I guess it puts the levels together already at editor time.

So I figured it out. Just have to change it to a Soft Object reference if you are referencing an actor in different level, even if that level is the persistent level.