Can't Redeem Code for Paul Kind's Video

Pic attached. In HIGH END PRODUCT LIGHTING AND RENDERING (EXTERIOR) Paul shares a code to get the project files. Sadly, this doesn’t work, and so it’s another video tutorial that can’t be used right now due to lack of project files.

I tried on both the webpage and the launcher. And no email arrived either. And no project file available in my list.

Please fix the lack of project files in these great tutorials.

im checking my mail i check in my vault this issue is not yet fixed


I have confirmed that the code redemption for this course still works; the link posted in the thread is broken, but the course itself can be found on the Online Learning site. However, as this is not part of the doc team’s area of ownership, we can’t help you directly.

I suggest you contact the Online Learning team, either by email, or directly at Epic Developer Community Learning | Tutorials, Courses, Demos & More – Epic Developer Community