Can't receive onClicked on staticMesh in 4.7.3

So this is what I’m doing…

Create new map, new Actor with a static mesh, new Pawn, new PC and a new GameMode where I set the new pawn and PC to be the default ones.

I go to my PC and activate all the mouse and touch events.

Go to my static mesh and set it to BlockAll.

Create an OnClicked event on my static mesh that prints a string.

Set my world settings to use my new GameMode.

In my new map I also create a camera which I move to with Set View Target With Blend when the game starts.

This doc explains most of the steps above:

My onClicked event just won’t fire. I have recreated the steps above twice now with the same result. I have yet to do these steps on a fresh new project but I’ll do that when I get a moment.

I’m using 4.7.3 but this was a problem in 4.7.2 as well.

Am I missing something totally obvious?

Thanks for any help.

BlockAll will block that onClicked event from occurring correctly.

Are you sure? My understanding is that it’ll block all traces, including the visibility trace channel. Without blocking a trace a trace will go right through it and never hit.

Well that’s how I understand it to work anyway, and it’s not working so… sure, I’ll try something else. :slight_smile: Actually that brought my memory to something similar where I had to create a custom trace response defaults to get something to work, I’ll dig in a bit.

My worst fears came true - a serious case of error in user.

I’m using ‘use mouse for touch’ and assumed that either mouse events or touch events will fire off in that mode (is there a reason why that’s not the case? Clarity (ie not messing your code up with both interchangeably?)

When switching to touch events it’s all working fine, and I’m still using BlockAll as well.

Happy happy.

Hah that’s great~! BlockAll works like a giant Collision hull, right? IIRC. It’s been a while since I’ve used it or seen it.

Oh I know that you aren’t the first person to have the mouse/touch thing. I don’t know the reason. Maybe debugging?

BlockAll actually has nothing to do with the collision hull itself, it just says how to handle trace responses. Basically if a visibility trace response will return a hit or not in my case (click events are using visibility trace checks by default), or if an overlap might happen etc. The hull is always the same in all cases afaik.

If you want to remind yourself take a quick look here:

Well, whatever the reason for it is I’m aware of the solution now anyway so it’s all good! Thanks!