can't read variable from animation blueprint in character blueprint.

This is driving me crazy. I just need to read a varriabvle from an animation blueprint in a character blueprint. In my character blueprint, I “get anim instance” from my mesh, cast the returned value to the anim blueprint in question and retrieve the variable from the As BP…pin. For some reason, every variable that I ask for returns “Out of scope”. I’ve done this before and for some reason it is not working anymore. The cast is succesfull, so that can’t be the problem. I don’t see any reason why the varriable wouldn’t be in scope.

Im using 4.15.3. Any gottcha’s someone can think of? It’s very bizarre.

Thanks in advace for any help!

Out of scope just means that you can’t preview the value, however the actual value will still be read so you can use it in your character, set a variable in the character BP to that value and so on.

Hi cyaoeu,

Thanks for your response. The value is also not responding. Strange also that I would get “out of scope” instead of “no debug available” or something along those lines. Not very handy phrasing to find a problem.

In the end, I fixed it by casting the character_bp in the animation_bp instead of the other way around, and then set the value there. That works like it should and it’s equally clean in this situation.

Thanks again though