Can't re-download marketplace content to a different Windows user account

Hey all!

My user account in Windows 8.1 decided to stop linking the desktop and libraries to the corresponding folders - making it looks as though everything had been wiped. Weird, eh?!

I created a new user account and decided to reinstall UE from scratch, which included deleting the example content. Now when I use the launcher i’m still prompted to repair the examples, and I can’t re-download them. Is there some record left of the previous install that’s falsely informing the launcher that the files are there? Repair queues them up but nothing happens.


Hey Skeletor420,

When you try to repair the Content Examples install from the new Windows user account, does Repair change to In queue and never start the repair process?


what i do is simply deleate the content’s folder under “unreal projects” in your (my) documents folder. then click repair and it should work.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for the response - the list on the left simply says “in queue” and the marketplace page says “please wait”. There’s no hard disk/cpu activity or change in the launcher’s memory usage, so it doesn’t appear to be doing anything. I’ve tried the repair process a few times so far.

No, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ve been able to reproduce it and are looking into it now. We hope to have a resolution for you as soon as possible.