Can't put animations together.

Hi, I’m extremely new to UE4 and I cant seem to put animations together. I have six separate fbx files all with a mesh, armature and animation (idle,walk,run,jump start, jump loop,jump end.). I would like to be able to import them all into UE4 and make a new character with these files. However when I make a Blend Space 1D to put all my animations together; it asks which skeleton I want to use. Each animation/skeleton I imported will be in the assets window. If I chose one I will only have one animation, and none of the others I imported will be there. I have tried putting all my animations in one fbx and importing that but I cant separate the animations in UE4. If I try to import one armature without a mesh, I’ll get an error that says “failed to find any bone hierarchy”. Many of the character creation videos on Youtube seem to be able to import their animations and use them in a Blend Space 1D with no problem. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Does any one out there know how to get around/ fix this issue?

There needs to be a character that has the same skeleton as all the animations. You need to import the character, with his skeleton (or select it if you already have). You can’t just import animations and have a character appear out of thin air.

well yeah. I do have the same character with the same skeleton in every animation.