Can't Purchase Items - click to buy not working

I called the bank and looked at Paypal, nothing wrong there. I bought a bunch, now I go to buy, and nothing happens… Anyone else?

Hey Ripix,

Can you try purchasing from the launcher? If that doesn’t work you can follow the steps below and email your logs to and we’ll take a peek.

Getting Debug Logs:
In the top-right of the Launcher, click the Gear icon.
Select ‘Enable debug logging’ and then choose ‘Enable Now’. If you issue occurs at launch or sign in, Select ‘Enable debug logging’ and then choose ‘Restart’
Reproduce the issue you’re experiencing while the debug logging is on.
After reproducing your issue go back to the Gear icon and select ‘show launcher log’
Place all of the logs in this folder into a zip file and attach it to your email.
Back in the Launcher, select the Settings icon again and select ‘Disable debug logging’ or close your launcher.

I can, let try and do that. But, it’s not just from the Launcher. I can’t get to from the Marketplace website either. I get “can’t complete” message from the browser. I can get to everything else it fine, just the Maketplace I can’t get to. Maybe it’s Cox from Vegas area mucking things up?

Logs have been sent.

For anyone following along, we found an issue in the logs that are specific to Ripix’s account. The error did not affect any other buyers. We are working directly with Ripix through email and will grant them a store credit so they can purchase the (soon to be full price) asset at no cost tomorrow, after we finish fixing the issue with the account.

Thanks again for letting us know!

@Ripix I’ve been watching this thread and that’s a major bummer. If you PM me the email address you used with your UE account I’ll send you an entitlement to some assets.