Can't Preview my level in VR

For some damned reason I can never preview any level in VR. Now I want to make a VR game from my ThirdPerson game. How do I do this? And no, I don’t need vr template or anything like that. I dont want to teleport, I am shipping for Oculus with mouse and keyboard. Thanks

To be able to Preview in VR you need an HMD (Vive, Oculus, etc.) connected to your development computer. Do you have one?

Why do I need it? Lol, this sounds like bs. Do I need android connected to preview in mobile? Or do I need a hmd to launch vr games?

VR means stereo rendering and head tracking (beside touch controllers based interaction). If you don’t have an HMD connected to your system, how are you going to preview stereo rendering and do the head tracking? You can still play your experience in First Person view, but it won’t be at all like playing it in VR through an HMD.