Can't play with Unreal engine 4, a multiplayer game, through hamachi ? "shootout example"

So with unreal engine 3 every time i try play with hamachi to test stuff it works just fine, people can connect and such but, in the case of unreal engine 4, i package the shootout showcase demo, and my buddy can’t connect this is the error so far
Dropbox - Error it takes no more than 1 second to pop up that.

This is the sequence i use to test that.

1 Package the shootout demo with the standard settings.

2 Player 2 - Hits play that starts a listen server.

3 Player 1 - Create a shortcut for connecting to a server with the Executable.exe " sample hamachi ip ".

Any help on how am i suposed to test a online game, just like you would normally do with UE3 and hamachi ? Perhaps it’s something specific of the shootout demo that doesen’t allow it to work. I haven’t tried with other templates like the third person or more.

Thanks in advance.

+1 for info on connecting over the internet with that sample.
i was trying yesterday to connect using its server browser, tried with/without steam ect… did not try hamachi
nothing seems to work

i do hope its not a case of opening several obscure rooter ports. in this day and age players should not have to mess with rooters to play a game.

Hi everyone,

I just tried this on my end and we were able to connect through the .exe using the “find game” button without any errors. Can you post this to the answerhub at in the bug reports section so we can assist you more in depth?

Im not sure how much more information i can provide and what, but ok i can do it later on, i’ll try it again maybe.

So far this.

  • Version of the engine 4.7.2

  • Firewall Was On.

  • No anti virus or any blocking stuff was on at all.

  • Windows

for me “no servers found” pressing the find game button

firewall on
antivirus on

did you connect through the internet or LAN?
did you open any ports or anything?
did you have steam open?
does it have anything to do with steam?
any other special things we need to do or know about?


I connected through Internet but did not check whether or not my ports were open. Steam was open but I did not go through any steam prompts so I’m assuming it is probably not related. All I did was open the .exe and had another staff member do the same. I had him connect my system via internet. I will run a few more tests with various settings to see if I can reproduce this under different conditions.

friendly BUMP :slight_smile:

+1 Bump

In addition. I’d like to know if its necessary to learn Steam API’s to get multiplayer internet-connectivity working (as per UDK before)… And Greenlit if its going to be a commercial game…

Hi franktech,

You can find information on developing for steam here:

I haven’t been able to reproduce this at all. Can you make a post on the answerhub at in the bug reports section so we can assist more in depth with this error?

thanks adam
done :slight_smile:

Thank you tegleg, I moved it over to the bug reports section so we can get the proper eyes on it.

@Adam Davis

Thanks! But can you confirm that unlike UDK, its no longer necessary to use Steam or get Greenlit in order to create multiplayer games in UE4?

Back to the topic, i did try again to play with a mate from scotland UE4 me from spain with hamachi with a packaged build of the shootout demo with default packaging properties,** with version 4.7.2 **

And the results were, unlike with the mate of poland, wich i couldn’t even see his, or he could see my game Listen server going, in this case i could see his game going on the server list thanks to hamachi.

But still after clicking to join his game. through server list, or with the console/shortcut command open +HamachiIp, the error were the same, this is the screenshot.

Dropbox - Error Me(Client) trying to join his game.

Dropbox - Error ** he(client) trying to join mine but failing**.

Dropbox - Error me seeing his game going.

I’ve been playing with hamachi other games lately as well as UDK builds and it works just fine, but UE4 does not. Can’t wait to play my gameplay stuff with other people without having to mess with ports and other complicated internet stuff, please give it a go :p.

I have built my project out from the multiplayer shootout example, I did not change anything that I can see would effect its ability to connect with other players yet when one of us created a server the other couldn’t find them, nothing comes up in the “find games” menu list… any ideas why this might be?

I am using version 4.7.6 of the engine.
I have forwarded port 7777 because I heard that the one UE4 uses.
I had firewall and anti virus on, my virus software is Avast, I don’t know if that is relevant but it does seem to scan my ue4 packaged games every time I open them so I’m suspicious of it.

After some time, me and my comrade we tried again, this are the parameters we used so far. And it worked.

Version of unreal engine 4 = 4.8.3
Hamachi = version, latest probably.
Run as administrator.
Firewall !important here, turned off.
I did try port forwarding 7777 but no real effects of it were shown, so hamachi is what we tried.

Way to join.

1 Created a shortcut ! Of the multiplayer shootout demo Packaged build !, and executed a command, in this case the IP.


2 Clicked it, and it load and afterwards it joined.

With 1.8.3 all of this shall work.

//notes, the browser of servers lan or internet did never work.

good to hear hamachi is working for you but its not really a solution for a released game.

to make it connect through steam using ue4’s test app id you need to fool steam.
thanks to Nsomnia for the tip :slight_smile:

open steam,
go to settings - downloads - download region
and change all the machines you are testing on to the same region
after that you will be able to see each others games and connect no problem

Thank you, that’s very cool information for me, im not really much updated into what’s the latest in UE4.
How does the region matter? isn’t the server universal somehow ? :confused:

no idea
shame you need to use steam at all,
myself and a few other people pleaded with Epic (way back when it was called Rocket) to provide a way of connecting over the internet without steam. must have fallen on deaf ears.
wonder if ue4 has anything like NAT punchthrough like unity has, that will connect anything anywhere to anything anywhere, thats what we need here.

Would Hamachi work with Unreal 4.24 do you guys think?
Has these issues been resolved or is it still a gamble?
Thank you.

Works for me Should for you, Good luck don’t panic : ).