Can't play an image sequence in 4.22.3

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to follow this tutorial : Play an Image Sequence | Unreal Engine Documentation

But when I want to play the image sequence I have this error :

LogImgMedia: Error: Failed to get frame information from first image in D:/UnrealProjects/VRLab/Content/Movies/UE4_Images/

It works well with the lowres png sequence

Do you know something about it ?

Best regards everyone,


I had the same problem with UE4.25.
To solve this issue, I have realized that it’s because I was putting unreal files in the same folder than my image sequence.
So create a sub-folders for your image sequence (one folder by sequence ie (/movies/sequence1) and save the image media source in the root folder (/movies/).
Same thing when you create your Media Texture and Media Player. Put them outside of the folders of your image sequences.