Can't place modified structure

I am attempting to create some new cooking pot recipes and to do that I needed to modify the cooking pot inventory.

I created a new cooking pot engram that is linked to a new primal item structure cooking pot. I then replaced the cooking pot structure in the master item list with the modified version. In game I am able to learn the modified engram and construct the modified cooking pot, but I am unable to place the cooking pot structure. I can equip it in my toolbar, but I can’t activate it and I don’t get the placement display. If I changed the “Structure To Build” setting on the cooking pot structure back to default then it lets me place the original cooking pot.

Any help is appreciated.

have you puttet it in additional structure to place?

it needs to be added to this list in the primalgame data

That was the part that I had missed. Thank you guys very much. The picture was especially helpful.