Can't Pause/play an imported Animation from 3dsMax

Please any help?

Hi everyone.
I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine and as a Mechanical Designer i’m using it for Engineering purposes.
I created 2 Matinees (1 for a gate animation and another for a Pipe animation that i imported from 3dsMax). When the “Game” starts, the Pipe animation plays automatically, but when i open the gate, it should pause, and when i close the gate, it should plays again from the actual position, but nothing happens. Anybody knows if i’m doing something wrong with the blueprint?
I would be grateful for some help.

Here is the Picture of my Blueprint:
![alt text][1]


This is how I would handle making a simple door. You can use your door model for the static mesh and save yourself some time instead of using the fbx animations. Let me know if you have any other questions concerning this.