Can't pass an argument with a space to a console command

I’ve created a console command for the editor that takes one argument, a filename.

When the filename has no spaces in it, this works great.

When there’s a space in the filename e.g. if I type

mycommand "c:\Users\Me\Documents\Unreal Project"
My console command gets two arguments, and tells me file not found. In my case, I get a log:
mycommand: Ignoring Argument "Project"
followed by
mycommand: File not found: c:\Users\Me\Documents\Unreal.

That’s because FString::ParseIntoArrayWS splits on spaces, regardless of quotes.

Is there a workaround?

Looks like bug (but it kind of missing feature), i will move it to Bug Raports

Hey benoithudson,

This is what I have:


UFUNCTION( exec, Category = "test" )
void TestingExec( FString In );


void AAH489878Character::TestingExec( FString In )
    UE_LOG( LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("%s"), *In );    

Then, when I use the command:

Can you show me what “mycommand” is doing?


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