Cant pass a variable to a Pawn

Hi, I m having a very frustrating issue. I m using a “spawner” when I click on it it spawn my AI but I want to pass it a variable to define is kind. So I can change is mesh on spawn but I cant set a stupid variable. I dont understand and that’s driving me crazy… It appears to me as a bug or a basic thing that I m still missing…

How are you verifying that the variable isn’t being set? I don’t know what you mean by my var is still 0. Maybe just an empty FName?

I check with multiple different variable. For instance, a Boolean, I set it to true. In my pawn, On event begin, if the variable is true, then exist the game. I tried with name etc. No of them seems to be passed. And if I select the pawn that has been spawned, the variable hasn’t changed. So I can Set the static mesh to something else, so the cast is working, and something as simple as the variable (which I tested public and not) doesn’t. work :frowning: I saw one similar post, the person said it was a bug, restarted the engine and worked. For me that’s not working. I probably missing a basic part here.