Can't paint foliage on specific mesh

I’m using the “peakmesh”-mountain from particle demo in my scenen. I cant paint foliage on it and i don’t know why - it works on every other object.
I already checked the brush settings (static mesh is checked an angle set to 0), the collisions and even scaled it up in maya and reimported it. Any suggestions?

Kind regards, Phil

I came to a solution by myself. The scaleing of the mesh was so small, UE wasnt able to create proper collisions. Therefore i couldnt paint on it with my foliage brush. If someone comes across the same problem: scale the mesh up in your 3d software and reimport it. Maybe you’ll even have to set the collision to complex.

This isn’t your specific problem, just wanted to add another potential solution to the topic for future people.
It turned out that I was trying to paint on a mesh that wasn’t in my persistent level.
Window > Levels > Right click on level with mesh > Make Current

I was having a similar issue with a mesh terrain. The solution was reimport the geometry. It happens to me on an engine update.
Reimporting the mesh solved it for me.

Greetings! I know this is an old post but this issue was driving me crazy some weeks ago and I just fixed it.

Set the “Object Type” on the “Colision presets” of your mesh to “WorldStatic”. At least this fixed the issue for me.

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Hi! After two days searching - I found issue :
When import static mesh to UE enable “Auto Generate Collision” and foliage work in the mesh

Also not directly related, but I just had the same problem for an entirely different reason: I was trying to foliage paint on a static mesh that was a plane. Problem was, in my previous level building, I had inadvertently set the Z-scale of my static mesh to “0” . Because it was already a plane I didn’t see any obvious difference; however, UE4 apparently won’t let you foliage paint on a 0 height static mesh. So if anyone has a similar problem they should check to make sure that their static mesh has as non-zero z scale.

Yep needs collision