Can't paint foliage on landscape created with Magic Map Material & Maker

I created landscape using Magic Map Material & Maker
from the Unreal Marketplace.
But I can’t spawn foliage on it. Both standard paint and procedural foliage spawner do not work.
Most likely the problem is in the landscape details. But I’m not sure.
I am using version 4.26.1
Does anyone know what the problem might be?

The paint filter has all the checkmarks.
QIP Shot - Screen 603

The brush has settings for what it can and cannot paint on.
From the screenshot it seems as if you set it to paint on Static mesh but not on Landscape.

it can paint on everything except the landscape made with the magic map. When I create a clean landscape at the same level, I can paint on it.
I wrote that he paint filter has all the checkmarks.

Maybe it’s this… Check if your Paintable foliage itself has a limit on the Z-axis (when the landscape is over or under this value, it’s not receiving foliage,… not shure if this applies to static meshes aswell,… but why shouldn’t it) …or the ground slope it’s allowed to be placed on…