Can't Package The Project

Hi , i try to package my project and also empty (New) Unreal Project, using unreal engine 4.5.1 - 4.7.1 - 4.8 - .4.8.2 version that i was downloaded from different web sites and also download UE4 source from Github site , and compile that without error, but i’ve got same error when package the project . i install windows again (clean installation) ,i’ve try many solutions , but i’ve got no result. note: my windows is 8.1 64bit and my current UE version is 4.8.2 .please help me .

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Thank You For Reply
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Yes . You are right. i can’t Package the new project using the template that Unreal offers.

So you can’t even compile new project using the template that Unreal offers?

I solve that by compile and then recompile the source .

how do you do that