Can't Package project in 4.15

Hello we are a group of Animation students who have been given the task of making a small exploration game in UE4 (just to let us see how it works).
we have made all the models and have imported it into the Engine, and while we have used some assets from the InfiniteBlade Pack, because of the Long Name error in packaging we have deleted the assets(in the content window and the folder)
our packaging has crashed (for a little over a week) and we have tried to fix all the errors we could find, but now it is saying that it cant find assets from the InfiniteBlade Pack that we aren’t using anymore and have removed.
we have tried opening a new file and start over (even though we only have 3 days) but the new file wont import our FBXs, so we are stuck in the old file that wont let us package. ( the file/program/human-error has also stopped the post process volumes from working, but i can make that work again or Jury Rig a solution)

I hope you can help us :slight_smile: i have uploaded our packaging log for some sort of insight. Also we are noobs for unreal so any solution would be helpful in step by step format.
link text

This project requires the ‘Substance’ plugin. Install it and try again, or remove it from the project’s required plugin list.? did you tried this?

We tried this and it didn’t work but it did make the packaging run for a longer period of time. i fixed it somehow but i don’t how, i can package and everything. i disabled a bunch of things(was very stressed, so 43 things in about 20min) and then it worked and i figured out that the post process volumes stopped working because one of my group members had been cleaning up in our folder and deleted it.