Can't package or launch to iPhone5c from Macbook Pro - code sign error

Been trying to build to my iPhone for a few days now from the Macbook. This is really annoying that it doesn’t work and doesn’t tell me why so I thought I should post.

Yes, I have a dev license, brand new mb (runs UE4 fine) UE4.6, downloaded provision and cert from dev site for my new game project.

When I go to my project settings I can get the provision to work, the plist is checked but my certificate will not work. Any ideas?

If I try to launch to my iPhone I get this error:

Error Signing key not found. The app could not be digitally signed, because the signing key is not configured.

If I try to Package it tells me the same thing with all this extra :slight_smile:

Are you able to build apps from Xcode? You might want to try. When it goes to sign the app, it will look in your login keychain for the private key you used to create your signing certificate. The first time that happens, it will typically prompt you for permission. The most likely cause of this problem would be not having the private key used to request the certificate in your login keychain, and the easiest way to test that is to try building an app for deployment form Xcode with the same profile, even if it’s just a simple “Hello World” test app.

If you are able to sign in Xcode with the same profile, and this keeps happening in UE4, then I’d open a bug report on AnswerHub.

Hi , I am able to build from Xcode! And thanks for telling me to try because I just made my first Xcode App! haha

So UE4.6 has an update and I’m trying that now, maybe that will fix the error. I’ll update either way!

Update - Still doesn’t work after updating to 4.6.1

Screenshot of my first Xcode App xD

Dec 18th Update

I still can’t test on the macbook pro with the latest 4.6.1 update.

Can anyone test to device using a mac and 4.6.1 here?

I was having the same problem with my mac pro and iphone5s and Ipad Mini. After a few days of headaches, I’ve deleted all the provisioning and certificates from the developer member, keychains (including the world cert) and the computer files.
After that I created the certificates again by requesting them from keychain itself (each one in separate request files)…
…Generated the certificates, re-created the world cert, download them all and import back on keychain…
…Created the provisioning again, put them both on IOS build of the project, open the engine, use the same package ID on the project settings and everything works. My app is waiting for approval on itunes connect now.

I’m using blueprint only in my project (dont know if this is the issue)

I can successfully deploy to my iPad Air 2 with UE 4.6.1 with my C++ project. I did not setup code signing in Unreal Editor, but rather in Xcode directly and the editor picked it right up.

Here’s my settings for the iOS build target:

Awesome news! All I wanted to hear was it’s possible lol Ok I’m going to give it ago again using the methods you guys have, thanks for the help! I’ll post updates!

I’ve successfully deployed to 5s and iPad mini using 4.6.1.