Can't package my project ( NetFxSDK )

I had the same problem this week. When installing latest .NET SDK it did not work, because it Version 5 of SDK. After I installed the latest 4.x (4.8) it works for me.

thanks you that did the job :grinning:

You need to download the lates (for now it`s .NET 4.8 FOR DEVELOPERS)
It helped to me

thank you so much man, almost gave up my project

Install the latest .NET Framework 4.X SDK, not just the latest .NET SDK.

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Thank you, that was what I needed!



You legend, thank u for this!

Thank you good man :pray:

Thank you

I have just downloaded and installed both versions (dev and user) of .NET 4.6.
The problem persists.

thank you so much!

thanks man, i was looking for this for a long time now haha
issue resolved :slight_smile:

Installing 4.8 SDK and targeting pack solved my problem

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Awesome! Did the job for me, too!