cant package my game to android

hello guys when i try to package my game to androir ios or any platform except windows it opens me this page

please if anyone can help me will be much appreciated

I got the same problem dude. I still confused about why the program took me to this page.

Am also having this issue. Was building fine tell I upgraded codeworks to be able to do 28 as per google requirements. Now am being directed to this page. Did you find a fix?

You do not have to upgrade codeworks to do API level 28. You need CodeWorks 1R7u1 in order to reduce the numerous issues with this engine by more than half.

  • Open codeworks and have it completely uninstall everything, possibly except your android SDKs.
  • Install Codeworks 1R7u1 and install everything you need. Follow the documentation if needed…oid/index.html
  • Run android.bat or install android studio and use that to only install the other SDKs you need, like API 28
  • If you plan on supporting Android 6 or below, in your project settings in the SDKConfig section set NDK API Level to android-19 and the SDK API Level to latest

Hey man, i have the same problem… If you found how to solve this, please write here. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Same here, but with Lumin (Magic Leap Android variant). Reinstalling VS Community 2019 works once, then not after.

this is how to fix that problem