Can't package game: "...has an inappropriate outermost"

My project is havin the same issue. It’s making us unable to deploy

Just happened to me. Closing editor, rebuilding solution, then rebuilding/resaving the blueprint fixed it. Looks like you’re right - Hot Reload incorrectly builds the blueprint.

Did you try the steps I mentioned on my answer? You just need to do that in all your “infected” blueprints.

This happens fairly commonly at our studio when we use hot reload. Close editor, rebuild (to get a clean/non-hot reload version), then recompile/resave blueprints fixes it.

It is doubly frustrating because no the error only appears during cooking, so individuals don’t see the error right away. The nightly build finds it instead.

This fixed my issue too.

I went through every blueprint that was affected. Unconnected a wire, compile, reconnected, compile, refresh all nodes. - Fixed.

This is not working for me. No amount or combination of disconnecting, reconnecting, or compiling of BP or C++ (even with the editor closed) is fixing it.

EDIT: okay, you left out a step:

  1. futz with the BP
  2. compile
  3. un-futz with the BP
  4. compile
    5) save the BP

now it works

What do you mean with “futz”?

I think he means you can make some reversible changes, e.g. disconnect and reconnect the nodes (or any other changes that requires a recompile of your BP)
On another note, I still experience this problem on the relatively new version in 4.15.1. Can we have a staff to escalate a bugfix for this?


Does anyone know if this issue has been reported as a bug yet? Or if it’s been fixed in 4.16?


At first your solution didn’t seem to work. But key is disconnect, compile, save, reconnect, compile, save. For every single asset that reported the error in the log.

Works now!

I have just hit this problem for the 1st time. In my process I develop with hot-reload too, to ‘fix’ the issue I loaded each of the affected BPs into the editor and Selected Refresh all nodes, then saved the BP again. This cleared the issue for me. No recompiling, or cleaning the project files etc. Just loaded editor, the two BPs, refresh, save.

I have noticed that 4.16 (version I am now working with), doesn’t complain about unmatched dependencies like 4.13 would do (engine we have just moved from), when updating the base C++ for a BP.

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Fixed it for me too, thanks!

I had a similar issue where a BP was trying to access a C++ function in a BlueprintFunctionLibrary. I tried these solutions and they didn’t work. But what did for me was to rename the C++ function I was trying to access, then clean in Visual Studio and recompile in editor. The function I was accessing was misspelled anyway so its better off with the new name.

Fixing up the redirectors of the whole project correted my issue.

Hah… this is really a “production-ready” product. Had the same issue… then I just moved something in the blueprint and hit saved and it packaged (btw I didn’t see any visible error in blueprint because the Play worked). Now that I have a package I have no input… although alt+f4 works lol… Would be nice if at least one straightforward use case was without problems

not fixed and above solutions does not work. project gone broken untill i remove function lib entirely and recreate it. no sure it it will help anyway.

You (and the following comments) probably saved my job!
This stupid bug almost made me missing an important deadline…

Fascinating issue - this resolved it for me as well. I thought the compile button would handle this kind of refresh, but perhaps it’s not completely reliable yet. At least it’s an easy workaround!

This worked! Thank you

This worked perfectly for me. Pretty peculiar that this was an issue. Thank you so much for your solution!