Can't Package for Windows

I am trying to package a game for Windows using 4.10.4 but I keep getting an error message saying something about the automation tool. I have packaged the game on Mac with no problems but Windows just will not work at all. I couldn’t even find any log files under Engine/Programs/AutomationTools/Saved.

The game is all in Blueprints and at first I was getting errors regarding VS2015 so I resolved that but now it refers to the automation tools. I do not know what to do anymore and have looked everywhere and can’t find anything to help. I have attached a copy of the log I was able to obtain by going through User/AppData/Roaming/UnrealEngine/AutomationTool/Logs.

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. This is a project that I have been working with a high school club on and want to get this build out for them to be able to test as soon as school starts back up so they can finish the game and publish it.

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For the logs, try looking in the project’s directory under the Saved->Logs folder. You do not need to go into the Engine folder. What you’ll need to do is attempt to package again, and then after the project fails to package, go into your project folder, and open up the Saved->Logs folder. The log should be contained within that folder. Once I have the log I should be able to determine what the issue is.


I have done what you told me and attached the saved file that was created. I hope this will give you enough insight to be able to help me out.


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Thanks for providing the logs.

Based on the logs, it appears you have several errors in your project that you’ll need to resolve before the packaging process will complete successfully.

Here is the first: Attempted to get an item from array WindowRootLength out of bounds [1/0]!

The other errors that I see are Can’t find file errors, which are usually related to a file that doesn’t exist anymore but is still being referenced somewhere in the project. With these, you’ll need to go through and clean up any unnecessary references before the errors will disappear.

Finally, based on this: SkunkLog_FixItNote: -----FFixItEditorModeFactory::OnSelectionChanged it appears you are using a plugin? It might be worth disabling this to see if it makes a difference.

Let me know if you get stuck after looking through the logs and resolving these error messages.

Have a great day

I did not see any error logs when I opened the project until after you sent this message, which is odd because I usually get it if there are any lol. I will go through and resolve those issues and see if that takes care of the problem and then let you know.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I did what you said and cleared up the errors. I don’t know what the WindowRootLength one is but that is not a problem now.

Now the only thing that prevents it from packaging is “File Name is too long” Is there a way I can change the file name? There was no issue with it when setting up the project to begin with so I am not sure why it is a problem now. When setting up the project we named it Survival 4.10 so the students would know which file their levels would be merged into once they were ready to test them out.

If you can help me with this final hurdle I would appreciate it

Try packaging the folder out to the desktop to keep the file path as short as possible. Also, if you have a complex folder hierarchy in your project, try to simplify that as well. Anything you can do to reduce the nesting of folders would help reduce the number of characters in the file name.