Can't package for Linux, works for Windows

I am trying to build Linux version of game from Windows environment.

Maybe I should note that packaging game for Windows works fine.

This is guide that I followed: Cross-Compiling for Linux | Unreal Engine Documentation

Latest toolchain is installed and environment variable is set.
Issue I have is that UE complains that plugins are missing “Linux” dir inside (eg. [PLUGIN_NAME]\Intermediate\Build\Linux). Plugins are purchased from marketplace.

Can someone tell me what could be issue?

Plugins are stating that Linux is supported. Also this is issue for every plugin I am using (and they are essential for my game, they are not just editor-only type).
I can see Win64, Mac, Android, … directories but no Linux.

I have tried reinstalling them, but no change.

Error that I am getting is this:

ERROR: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find part of the path: ‘C:\UE_4.21\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\[PLUGIN_NAME]\Intermediate\Build\Linux\[some_weird_number]\UE4\Shipping\[name]\[name].precompiled’.