Can't package extremely simple test game :s

Hi I have an extremely simple test game I made for myself just to get a feel for UE.
I want to package it and try it outside the editor, but it always gets stuck at this one line.

MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (32-bit)): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2016.07.03-18.38.57:543] 0]LogMaterial:Warning: Failed to compile Material /Game/KiteDemo/Material/M_Photoscan_Master_Displacement.M_Photoscan_Master_Displacement for platform PCD3D_SM5, Default Material will be used in game.

Playing in the editor is fine, I get no errors during compile or builds.

I don’t even get an error when I try to package the game, it just goes on for hours and then I get tired so I just exit.

The game used to take me a 1~3 minutes to package, but after giving the floor a texture from one of EpicGames’ sample assets - it keeps stalling during pack. Frustrating ;x, can someone help? I would be more than willing to upload the game files, but not sure which files I should be uploading.

Thanks in Advanced

EDIT: I should have tried this earlier, but when I try to ‘Launch’ game, it does give me an error. Is there a location where I can get an error log that I can post up?