Can't package development windows build. Build fails

This is a blueprint project and my build fails, I have attached the log to the post.output log. I did successfully build a few days prior to this event and can’t think of anything that might have changed to bring this issue up. I see a lot of warnings in the log that concern me and over the days other warning has been popping up literally thousands of times over in the message log about something I don’t think truly is an issue. (Sorry kind of a 2 part question) Can’t track it down:

[2014.12.12-03.28.46:211][512]PIE:Error: Error Accessed None 'K2Node_DynamicCast_AsThe_Sphere2' from node Construction Script in blueprint SphereGameHUD

[2014.12.12-03.28.46:211][512]LogScript:Warning: Accessed None 'K2Node_DynamicCast_AsThe_Sphere'
SphereGameHUD_C /Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_MP_SphereArena.MP_SphereArena:PersistentLevel.SphereGameHUD_C_1

I would gladly send a zip of the project to a staff member privately as I’m not sure else how to describe what I’m experiencing. Because otherwise my game is working as it has been designed to.

This is version 4.6
I also get the same error when cooking.

I just spent a couple hours migrating all my content to a fresh project. It now builds, but crashes as soon as I execute and run the game… this is all I got
link text

And this is all the crash reports says:


We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please send this crash report to help improve our software.

I’ve been working on this project for 8 months, and I’m so far. It’s so frustrating to be stuck in this situation :frowning: Please help me Tim Sweeney

This problem poked it’s head at me again. I was able to see a few errors that showed up in the cook log (It doesn’t show them all!) but it was saying it couldn’t find one of my structs. It started happening after I made a few changes to the struct. I had to manually delete the ‘create struct’ nodes throughout my project and recreate them with the same struct and after I did this a few times the project cooked and built.