Can't override ChoosePlayerStart from AGameMode

Hello Guys,

I feel so stupid for not beeing able to find it out myself but I don’t know why it tells me that I can’t override ChoosePlayerStart from AGameMode

#pragma once

#include "GameFramework/GameMode.h"
#include "CaptureTheFlagGameMode.generated.h"

class ACaptureTheFlagGameMode : public AGameMode {
	virtual AActor* ChoosePlayerStart(AController* Player) override;

"member function declared with ‘override’ does not override a base class member" is what Visual Studio and unreal engine told me.

I checked if Super:: had that method and it did with the exakt same parameters.

During googling for fixes I found this and this, and after I didn’t find a mistake copied the code and it didn’t work.

Please tell me what I did wrong and whether you need more of my code or not to answer.

Since 4.8 those functions are BlueprintNativeEvent to make them overrideable in blueprints, in order for C++ to be able to call overrided functions in Blueprint, the reflection system (more precicly UHT) needs to generate code in place of that function and to avoid breaking blueprints, function is not virtual and can’t be override. Because of that in C++, function need to be implemented with _Implementation surffix as original name is in use with non-virtual function, generated code calls that function if detect call on C++ class.

So instead of overriding ChoosePlayerStart override ChoosePlayerStart_Implementation