Can't open windows created project on mac

I copied the entire project folder from my UnrealProjects folder on my Windows machine to my UnrealProjects folder on my mac. When I start the launcher I see the project and I click open then I get the following errors:

I I click ok and then I get this:

Okay, I’m assuming you have the Mac developer tools installed. You can’t build a C++ project if you don’t. If you have Xcode, the project worked okay on Windows, and won’t compile on the Mac, most likely there’s something platform specific in the code. It could just be something as simple as a #region call or a platform-specific #pragma. It could also be the use of a platform-specific library.

To figure it out, go to the Finder and navigate to your .uproject. Select it in the finder, and then go to menu Finder -> Services -> Generate Xcode Project

This will create an Xcode project. Launch it, change the configuration to Mac Editor, and press ⌘B to build. It should fail to build, but the build log will give you more detailed information about why it failed. If you don’t know how to fix it, post the log here and we can help.

If it does build, press ⌘R to run and it will launch your project with the compiled module.

yeah I got it working. my xcode was out of date. as was my source for the engine. Only the Launcher version had been updated.

What about the other way around? For some reason, I can’t open a project I zipped on my mac on my pc. It started on my pc, I brought it to mac, and now that I’m trying to bring it back, it’s not working. Aside from a little code change, I added a blank c++ file.

strange I have never had an issue as long as it didn’t have something calling some custom SDK or something that was windows only.