Can't open Unreal Engine; error messages

Hello. I’m trying to run the Unreal Engine on my PC. I have Windows Vista SP2.

When I install and run the program, I get this error message:

“The procedure entry point K32GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.”

A friend of mine pointed out that it was an issue with Windows, and I should install the service packs…which I already have done. I forgot to tell them about the follow up message, though:

“Plugin ‘OculusRift’ failed to load because module “OculusRift” could not be loaded. There may be an operating system error or the module may not be properly set up.”

Now I’m pretty confused as to what could be causing the issues. Is it something on my OS (Which I honestly doubt, and I don’t think reinstalling it is going to change much), or is it because it’s trying to load Oculus Rift stuff, which I have zero interest in either using, or developing things for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem.

Hi rscnyx,

I’m sorry but Windows Vista is an unsupported operating system and we cannot guarantee that UE4 will work for you. Here is our recommended specs:

Also, take a look at this link. It’s a place where can see what others are using to run the editor and discuss your specs: