Can't open project in Visual Studio (UE from source)

Hi everyone, for the first time I use the source code of unreal so maybe my problem will appear really easy for you! I’ve followed every step for build the engine and every thing work properly else one thing. I can’t open my project in Visual Studio. I need it to create a dedicated Server.

Here a little image to support what I try to explain.


I take the source code of 4.11. I wish it’s just something to build inside VS. Sorry for my poor english, It’s not my native language. If someone know why I have this issue please let me know why and how I can correct it. Have a good day and thanks for reading my post!

ALSO: I can’t generate visual studio project file from the folder. I have this message=>

This project does not have any source code. You need to add C++ source file to the project from the Editor before you can generate project files.

But as you can see, I don’t have the option open visual studio.