Can't open project in editor. Not listed but others are

My project was ported from UE 4.27 to 5.0.
Now, it’s no longer recognized by the launcher (other projects like Content Examples are).
If I double-click on the project file, I get an error box stating “Failed to launch editor”.
I can still open it by launching Unreal Editor from the launcher or Explorer then open it. I can also open it with UnrealEditor.exe by righ-clicking in explorer, but not using the regular “Unreal Engine” choice.

I can no longer add assets from the marketplace, since it doesn’t appear in Launcher.

Does anyone have a clue ? Thanks you so much !

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Did you by chance set your project to a source build?

What do you mean ?

If you don’t know what source build is, I’m gonna assume that’s a no.
Have you uninstalled the preview versions and downloaded the release version of UE5?

The project contained some C++ in the past, but it was removed. The only code is now in plugins. The engine has been updated from preview to 5.0.0 then 5.0.1 .

Magic ! Now it appears in the launcher, even if the error is still there if I click lol. At least I can add assets packs :sweat_smile:.