Can't open my map, why?

Hi, Please Help me

Well I was happily working on my game yesterday and this morning I just can’t open my map, I can open the main menu level but not my main game level, I’m totally freaking out because I can’t open any other version, I tried opening the backup maps and does don’t work either, not even some maps that are 5 days old.

this is what I found on the log

appError called: Bad name index
-553648128/415 [2014.05.27-15.57.30:260][558]LogWindows:Error:
Windows GetLastError: The operation
completed successfully. (0)

let me know if you need me to send anything else, I can even send you guys the whole project if you need

I did no updates or anything, I just went to sleep and now it not working,


Howdy varomix,

Thank you for your bug report. In order to help us reproduce this issue, we could benefit from some additional information. Please see this post for some bug-reporting-guidelines which can be very helpful, and then Edit your post with any additional information you can provide.


I have no idea how to reproduce this, I just stopped working last night, closed the editor and today is not working, but I can send you my info

Branch: Binary from launcher
Build version : 4.1.1-2066463+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.1

including the log files

link text

thanks for the help

If possible can you also provide your log files for the project. they can be found using the route >My Documents>Unreal Projects>(project title)>Saved>Logs.
These would help us decipher the problem better.

Sure, here’s the project Logs


link text

after looking at the Logs my self and as suggested by Stephen Ellis I suspected that one of the assets was asctually the issue, so that was it, actually 2 assets were corrupted, replaced those with ones on the backups folder and it lives again!! OMG I was scared.

Now the question is Why this happened? and what do you guys suggest to avoid this?

thanks for the help guys

here’s the corrupted files

link text