Can't open git cloned Blueprints project

I’m using the Git integration for source control in 4.9. I’ve successfully pushed my local changes (Windows) to GitHub and cloned the files on another machine (Mac OS X). However, when I attempt to open the project from the Epic Launcher I get this error message:


The plugin is in /Plugins. I even placed a fresh install of the Plugin in the directory to make sure my .gitignore (it’s the default one) wasn’t cutting anything important.

Any ideas on what is happening here?

Is this Plugin is in Game Project or Engine? You sure that Plugin bineries are in and they are compiled in “Development” build? If it’s build and in engine do you see the plugin in plugin menager in empty project?

General tip, make sure that Plugin works in your engine install before you try to use game project that use it, ofcorse if plugin is not a prt of game project