Can't open Blueprint editor

Its a strange bug. As somebody says many times, you can get a one pixel window very difficult to see. You can watch the taskbar and guess that there are two windows of UE4Editor, then you can gues there is another window open.

But many times it doesnt appear anything. Then i try to open another blueprint editor and happens the same. I cant edit any blueprint. The only solution is exiting of UE4Editor and open again loading the project you were working. This is very annoying and you waste a lot of time. I cant guess any reproducible way, just many times does it. ( you want to edit a blueprint and it doesnt show the progress bar opening blueprint editor, it takes some time thinking and then nothing happens, you can use the main window normally but you cant edit any other blueprint…)

Im using Ue4Editor 4.14.1 for Linux in Ubuntu 16.04 with i5 3470 and 8 gb ram.

Thanks in advance

Hey edufissure-

The editor attempts to remember specific details about your layout, including the size of new windows when opened. If you’re having an issue of new windows having incorrect size proportions, please try going to Edit ->Editor Preferences → General → Appearance. Here you’ll find the option for Asset Editor Open Location, if you set this to Main Window it will open future windows (blueprints, materials, etc) in a tab that is already attached to the main viewport tab. This should make it easier to locate a window after it’s been opened.


Well, seems that your solution works fine. But just to remind that many times it didnt show a second window ( as in the taskbar was only one window for unreal), This solves that many times it appear a 1-pixel tiny window, but you can guess that the editor window exist watching the taskbar.

But now i can work with tabs instead of windows.