Can't open blueprint editor without UE4 crashing

Hello, I am having an issue with the editor crashing upon opening any blueprint. Even creating a new project and simply trying to open the level blueprint causes a CTD. I have tried verifying the engine install (4.21.2) to no effect. Any idea what may be causing this to occur?

Alrighty…in the last seven hours of impatiently awaiting a mod to approve my post I resorted to a number of different approaches to fixing the issue. None worked, with the exception of completely removing the version of the engine that the issue was isolated to, and re-installing it.

I’m not quite sure what caused the problem as I am a beginner to the Engine and Editor. If anyone has any insight into what sorts of rookie mistakes may have caused this, I’d love to hear them.

Try this, open the DefaultEngine.ini and remove your GameDefaultMap (ie. EditorStartupMap=/Game/Maps/MainMenuMap.MainMenuMap and or GameDefaultMap=/Game/Maps/MainMenuMap.MainMenuMap). This should restart the editor. Next you need to check your last blueprint edits you made inside that map, remove nodes which may be related, then try to load the map again.

Thanks, will give this a try if the problem should happen again in the future.