Can't open any of my maps anymore UE5

I just finished compiling unreal engine 5 from source and I was watching the tutorial for converting the project but when I tried to open the ue4 project I never got the message to open a copy of it and it just opened the project straight up and now I’m missing maps from the content browser except the build data. Is there anything I could do?

Same problem. I tried to open more than one project done with 4.27 and I received message that failed to open maps. Then they disappeared from browser (but not from hard drive). Is it a 4.27 issue or other?
Thank you for reply.

I am also having this problem. When I open a copy of my project, now to use with UE5, it says that the map can’t be opened because the map was saved with a newer version of the engine.

UE5 is supposed to be only forward compatible (and backward compatible, supposedly) with UE 4.26.

Version 4.27 will be fordward compatible with UE5 final release.

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