Can't open another .umap file someon else made?

Someone from the UT4 forums sent me a .umap file to play with, but I can’t open.
When I go to File > Open The .umap doesn’t appear in the directory I placed it, but other maps that I made are here.
Dragging and dropping doesn’t work either.

Can it be because maybe his was made with another version of UE?
Or am I restricted from opening another person’s .umap file?

Yes that is usually the reason, if you are using a version older than the one used to create the map it won’t show up. With a UT Map it could be any version, since they upload new builds all the time. For more help with a UT map it would be best to post on the UT Forums here:

Hi, what would be the reason why older .umaps not showing up in new versions? In my case a .umap from 4.10.1 isn’t showing at all in 4.10.4 :frowning: