Can't navigate viewport with mouse while in Play mode?

Heya~ I’m having issues regarding viewport navigation while play-testing. I’ve searched for an answer to this and I can’t seem to find one.

I don’t need to use mouse input for gameplay-specific purposes for my game, but I do need to be able to navigate the scene while I’m in the middle of play-testing. Clicking on the viewport will just hide the mouse and activate/convert to gameplay controls, and I have to press Shift+F1 to get my mouse cursor back visible, but this is an endless loop since when I attempt to move around the scene by clicking any button, it just goes away again and I can’t navigate at all.

I have no mouse controls setup or needed in any blueprint, so I’m not sure what’s going on here or if I changed a specific setting in Editor Prefs or not. Can anyone direct me to the right way of being able to navigate while in Play mode correctly? I could’ve sworn I was able to do this before.

Thanks in advance!

You can run in editor window, shift+f1, press pause and press eject. Then your editor controlls will be enabled and you will be able to navigate the scene.

Ah, thank you kindly! So, that’s what that does…

I’m used to Unity and being able to have separate Scene and Game viewports allowing me to still control regardless of which one I’m looking in. Guess it’s just a small thing to work around.

Thanks again.