Can't move weapon from 1st person character editor

I’m a completely noob in UE4, so please dont respond me with hard stuffs (srry if it’s rude).
So I’m planning to create a FPS based on WW2, i would like to implement M1 Garand as a weapon, but i can’t move it, it’s completely stuck from it’s original location.

You need to spawn it, attach it to the character mesh (socket), create a reference var for it and set the player as owner.

I’m sorry but I told you I was a completely noob, but i spawn it in-game, or in the editor ?

or maybe a video so i can see in live ?

You’ll need to take the time and learn just as the rest of us have done. Nobody here is going to build a game for you. We will help guide you, troubleshoot and fix small issues though.

Here’s the basic blueprint code for spawning and attaching to a character mesh.

For multiplayer its more complicated. You need to have the server spawn the actor, attach it and then have it set ownership of the actor to the player.

Plenty of videos showing how to do this.