Can't move translation widget

Following the manual, I have to drag the center point of the translation widget with the middle mouse button (wheel) to move it from the center of the object to another place. This does not work with me. Each time I try and drag the translation widget as described, this only moves the camera view, but the widget remains in the middle of the object. Where do I go wrong?

I tried as written here: Transforming Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation
You are right, that doesn’t work.
I’ve found that you have to drag with both left and middle mouse buttons.

Ok, I found a way to move the pivot to wherever you want it to be, i.e. to the enter of the mash: It is a two-step procedure:

Right-click on the spot where you want the pivot to be and choose Pivot -> Set Pivot Offset Here. But this is just for the moment and will be lost afterwards. You need a second step: Right-click again and choose -> Pivot -> Set as Pivot Offset

It could be useful to do this in orthographic view for better results.

Hope this helps.