Can't move the camera by touching while the fire button is pressed HELP PLEASE

In my third-person project, there is shooting and camera movement by touching (camera movement made from this tutorial -

The problem is that when I start shooting (by pressing the button on the widget), it triggers the shooting event, but the camera stops moving while I hold the fire button (accordingly, I cannot aim while shooting)

You need to use On Touch Started function inside the UMG and to stop shooting I’m using InputTouch released event.
When on touch started is active set bool isShooting to true and on InputTouch released set isShooting to false.
I wanted to make the release also on UMG but didn’t find any solutions. Once I get outside the button area the release event is not triggered anymore.

Btw you can use the one I’ve made for camera movement to avoid using event tick.

I definitely need to press the button to shoot. I am sure that this can be implemented since the same pubg mobile is made on this engine…

But thanks a lot for controlling the camera

In your HUD widget where the fire button is, select the button and disable the IsFocusable checkbox on it.

I did it by clicking on the overlay or the button, I don’t remember exactly, but still thanks everyone for the help!