Cant move Landscape, Help please!

Im farly new to UE4 and im lunring a lot from Youtube, Forums ext.

But i have manage to do somthing and i dont know what, and now i cant move Landscapes, i made a water landscape as you can see in the picture but i cant move it. What do i need to do to be able to move it to the location i want, i use to be able to move landscapes.

If you are using the experimental water tools, locking the landscape may be a requirement.

You can lock and unlock actors by right clicking on them in the world outliner, Transform, untick Lock Actor Movement. It might be worth checking to see if that’s what it’s done.

Just keep in mind that moving the landscape might break whatever water bodies you have added.

Also this question is better suited to answer hub. Recommend posting there next time. :smiley:

Thank you. got it working by “Lock Actor Movment” Is there way to make it stay inactive, after i move somthing i need to inactivate it again.