Can't move blueprint actor after toggling component mobility

I changed a component mobility to static when playing around with the lighting settings and then changed it back to movable and now I can not move the blueprint actor. It’s like the blueprint actor is stuck to static. Is there another setting somewhere that got changed whenever I changed the component to static? I even tried restoring a saved blueprint and still can’t move it.

I was able to restore the blueprints from autosaves and it was able to move again, but something must be getting cached whenever you set a component to static and try to change it back to movable so maybe this should go under bug reports.

I also had this strange behaviour.


In the picture above, I changed the Mobility of “hitbox_r” to Static and then back to Movable. This would make the entire
character static.

To fix it I had to toggle the Mobility of the “CapsuleComponent (Inherited)” to Static and then back to Moveable.

I’m also having major trouble with actors and movable/static/stationary. the problem is, my setup is rather complex (static house meshes, static and movable lights) and I know exactly if I file a bug report here, Epic will ask me the standard questions and I simply can not explain what exactly is going wrong.
Sometimes the mesh snaps back to 0/0/ when I move the actor while the movable components work, sometimes the lights dont offer anything but “movable” in the BP but I can change it later once the actor is placed, sometimes the stationary lights show as such but cast no dynamic shadow.
It’s a mess and I only get it right by fumbling with the whole thing like a gorilla and right now it’s (mostly working). But I could not explain A) what to do to create the situation or B) how to fix it.
All I know is there are some major bugs in the actor code that deals with mobility