Can't modify my widget variable.

I am trying to simply change my text but I can’t modify the variable:
Basically the text is unusable and I can’t for the life of me figure out how I can change it. Whenever I go to change something, it undoes what I change and remains with these properties, even if the property isn’t shaded out.

I have tried saving, compiling, reopening my project, etc. but this won’t fix. What’s wrong?

Day two and it is still locked. Any help?

Hello Klink45,

When trying to edit the value of a widget component, you’ll need to bind that value to a variable that you have created yourself in the Event Graph.

It seems you already have a Text variable set up, so all you’ll need to do is navigate over to the Design tab, select the text box in question, and then select the “Bind” drop down beside where you are able to edit the existing text. You’ll get a list of any variables in the Widget that can be used for this. Select your text variable and you’re good to go. Whenever the variable is edited in the Event Graph, it’ll update the Text box match this value.

Edit: For some further learning/tips, I’d suggest following along with this long, yet informative, tutorial that was released recently.

Steam Multiplayer Blueprint Tutorial

While this is a multiplayer tutorial, it involves a lot of Widget creation and design.