Can't migrate a level into source control

Hi everyone,

happy new year!

I tried migrating a level into a new project that’s set up with source control with perforce, but it won’t work.

the project had the same name as a later version, but when i try to migrate over the level, it won’t work, and will say “some assets have transferred but some have not” with an error.

Is there any way to get this specific level into the updated version of the game? All i want out of the level is my matinee sequence so i can use it in other levels in the new game.
I did it before we added source control, but now when i add it to the content folder in my workspace i get that error.



Don’t migrate it, physically move it.

Was trying to do that SaxonRah, but when I physically moved the level to my workspace, it wouldn’t load in the depot of the project. I’m not sure if i was doing something wrong (still somewhat new to perforce), but i could not get it to show up inside of p4v or our shared unreal project.


You will need to mark the file for add, then sumbit your changelist and it will show in the depot.