Can't manage to make destructible mesh by walk on it

Hi all
i’m trying a lot and a lot of time making destructible mesh by walk on it …
tried few ways with trigger box and still didn’t manage to make my task !

please help me guys ! thank you and have a good day!

you can use “Apply Radius Damage” node to break it down

  • create an Actor Bluprint
  • add your Destructible mesh.
  • add a box collision component and resize it to fit your mesh ( a little bigger, so your character can easily overlap it)
  • in the Even Graph: add a “Event Actor Begin Overlap”
  • add “Apply Radius Damage Node”
  • get your destructible mesh and it’s location
  • Connect Your destructible mesh to “target”
  • Connect location of destructible mesh to “Origin”

Thank you for your reply
it worked perfectly !
thank you thank you :)))