Can't make the enemy randomly teleport around the map without using an overlap event

Okay so I’m new to Unreal Engine and not that good at scripting. I’m trying to make a scary game where the enemy randomly teleports around the map like Slenderman. I found this helpful YouTube video that showed me how to do this:

My problem is, I realized I don’t need the teleportation of the enemy to be started by the player overlapping a collision sphere (as you can see in the YouTube video, also in the first screenshot). So, I tried to modify the script so that the enemy would teleport randomly around the map without needing a collision sphere to start the script. I’m pretty sure that this part of the script will not run unless told to by something to make it run. So I made it to where the event would run after another line of script (which, this other script does work, promise). I circled where I am running the script using another script down below. The problem is, my teleportation script wont work. It’s not running for some reason.

Basically, I just need the enemy to randomly teleport around the map (within a radius of the player) without needing an overlap of the enemy’s collision to start the script. Screenshots are down below. Also, if it would be easier to make the enemy randomly teleport without needing to be within a radius of the player, then let’s go with that.

Any and all help would be much appreciated!

Put something like this in your enemy: