Can't make players to act in order. Turn Based Multiplayer.

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Unreal engine and I have problem with a multiplayer (board like) game with 2-6 players, in which at the beginning everyone have to throw dice then to compare the result and to determine who is first, second and so on.
I use Multiplayer Shootout example from Epic (4.8.3) and my idea is when every time someone login to know who is who, so i will know who act next and for the gameplay purpose i have to disable inputs for inactive players. I was looking in the forums and i still can’t handle the problem. So i decided to write about that here.
I found Rama’s post about how to get Player ID, but how to use it in my case, if this is the solution?
I tried to assign a custom player ID in the game mode blueprint whenever a new player joins using the Event Post Login, but no result. When i start the level, every player has ID 0!

Thanks in advance to any and all help.