Can't make Character Reference in Animation blueprint


I want to reference an instance of actor on the animation blueprint to get it’s variables. I can reference in other blueprints perfectly, but when I set up the variable, then set the type to ‘ThirPersonCharacter’, and compile, save, I cant set the reference to the instance. it appears in the list, but instead to set it, the ‘None’ appears. This is not problem, when I make tha same reference in Character blueprints. What can I do? Can I acces somehow the variables?

Thanks for any answer!

Hello IgazHarcos,

You should be able to use Get Player Character or Get All Actors of Class to be able to set this reference variable inside of the event graph. You’ll need to create the variable, then use a Cast To node to set the variable in the event graph.

Hope this helps!

Okay, Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: